Summarize and review the one-year action plan interim report

On October 15, 2020, with the involvement of the administrative staff of the Academy of Business and Technology, the interim report of the one-year action plan of the Academy was summarized and discussed.

The administrative staff of the academy presented the interim reports provided for in the action plan, which clearly show their role in the component of achieving the strategic goal, and in case of failure to achieve the goal, the obstacle that led to the inability to achieve the set goal.

Monitoring strategic and action plans helps the academy provide individual feedback on staff work, and, most importantly, monitoring gives meaning to the planning process as a whole. Without it, the monitoring process can be conventionally represented as a combination of three interrelated steps. These include: (1) collecting data, (2) analyzing them, and (3) responding.

The final results of the Interim Action Plan Implementation Report were announced and shared at a workshop attended by both administration staff and educational program supervisors and professional teachers;

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