Construction Manufacturer – Partner Organizations
The Academy of Business and Technology has signed memorandums with various construction companies within the professional program of a construction manufacturer.
Our partner organizations are:
Anagi Construction Company
Main activity of the company is construction. Our organization offers a full or partial package of project-construction works including:
• Construction of residential, hotel, public, manufacturing and civil buildings or set of buildings;
• Management of construction projects and project activities;
• Design, decoration and finishing works;
• Production of construction designs and products, including: manufacturing of monolithic concrete, reinforced concrete, metal, carpentry, metal-plastic, aluminum, partition and small wall blocks.

The organization strives to provide as many people as possible with affordable, comfortable and modern living and commercial space, thereby promoting a better quality of life. Since the day of its establishment, the interests of customers and employees have been taken into account, taking care of continuous development in order to constantly maintain its position and always provide improved, comfortable and modern residential or commercial spaces to the customer.

All-P Group

The company “OLP Group” was founded in 2007. Our main direction is industrial floors. This area combines concrete coatings with polished surfaces, polymer, soft and elastic floors. To achieve optimal quality and price, we cooperate with local and foreign manufacturers, such as: Romex (polymeric materials); Gerflor (elastic coatings); Tecsom (soft coatings). Professionalism, experience and innovative approach to work are the prerequisites for the success of “All-PP Group”.

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