Georgian Employers’ Association (GEA) meeting
Georgian Employers’ Association (GEA) organized a meeting on November 10, 2010: International Roundtable – “COVID 19 Impact on Management in Vocational Education – Experience Sharing, Challenges and Prospects”.
👇 The meeting processes discussed the following issues:
👉 COVID 19 pandemic impact on education sector in general and vocational education in general;
👉 Existing measures in partner countries and their response experience;
👉 Strengthen joint efforts to overcome difficulties;
The meeting was attended by the Vocational Education and Partnership Project in the South Caucasus – partner organizations from Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia, representatives of the Ministry and the German partner organization BWMV e.V.
✔️ The meeting was attended by the Rector of the Academy of Business and Technology, Mrs. Sophio Macharashvili. 🌺🌸
✔️ The meeting was held on the online Zoom platform.

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