Rector’s report
 To vocational students, teachers and those interested in the field of vocational education:
“There has been a lot of innovation in the Georgian vocational education system lately, I would like to make a small excursion for those wishing to get vocational education regarding the recent developments:
Everyone knows that vocational education is an important cornerstone in the process of getting a lifelong education. Accordingly, based on the change in the legal framework, the fourth level program has been integrated with the general education level, which gives those wishing to receive vocational education the opportunity to complete the secondary level of general education in parallel with mastering the profession.
An important news for 2020 is the postponement of compulsory military service for boys wishing for vocational education.
.The funding system has changed – this year, with state funding, professional students have been given the opportunity to continue their studies at a preferred private vocational education institution of their choice.A large number of students have already benefited from this pleasant news and at the same time joined the unified insurance database. Along with the students, their teachers were also involved in the unified database of insurance.
Training in the adult education system is noteworthy – retraining programs aimed at upgrading the skills of the adult population. Tuition, in priority areas, is fully funded by the state.
Distance learning has become a big challenge for the current year of vocational education. As a result of effective steps taken by the state, public and private colleges were prepared to meet the new academic year and the transition to distance learning mode has become a less painful process for professional students. Successfully implements the regulation of these events
Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports;
National Center for Education Quality Development;
Education Management Information System emis.
Is actively involved in the processes as well
SCCA Association of Private Colleges
I would like to express my gratitude to them for their continuous cooperation and development.

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