Rector of the Academy of Business and Technology Sophio Macharashvili

was born in Tbilisi on April 10, 1975.


2017- Georgian Technical University, Degree: Doctor of Business Administration.

1998 – Tbilisi Medical University, Master’s Degree. Qualification: Doctor-pediatrician.


2017 – International Scientific Conference – “Globalization and Contemporary Challenges of Business”, Tbilisi, Georgia.

2015- I International Scientific-Practical Conference, Batumi, Georgia.

2013 – International Conference on Higher Education System in Israel, University of Ariel, Israel.

Work experience:

Since 2014 – Rector of the Academy of Business and Technology Ltd.

2011-2014 – Director, “Orinentiri” LTD.

2000-2011 “Orientiri” Ltd, Deputy Director in Educational Work.

1998-2000 – Ltd “Orientiri”, a teacher of pediatrics and nursing.


2017 – “Student-centered university education should become a guarantee of employment”, the Journal  of Economics.

  1. – “The desire for higher education does not always end with the acquisition of knowledge”, the Journal of Economics.

2015 – “Education as a business and a factor in the country’s economic growth”, the Journal  of Economics.

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