Student’s life – ბიზნესისა და ტქნოლოგიების აკადემია

Student’s life
In parallel with the theoretical teaching, diverse student life is a necessary factor that makes the experience more accessible to students in educational institutions. Student life in the Business Technologies Academy is valuable, interesting and fun.
The Academy of Business and Technology is actively involved in student self-governance, which facilitates student initiatives and organizing events to ensure a diverse, interesting and unforgettable student life. Students are able to unite around common interest and formulate student activities through which they promote their topics, organize events, and so on. In order to do all this, they write projects for the rector of Business Technologies Academy to get support from Ms Sophio Macharashvili. This system enables students to develop professional skills to be responsible for the development and implementation of the project, managing resource management etc.
In the Academy of Business and Technology there are also internship internships where students of the academy are involved. With their help and initiatives, student discusses global discussions with student self-government to increase their knowledge and most importantly – to establish the right values and to form a mature, progressive and capable person.